Vision and Values

Our Vision

We would like to welcome you to St Clements Hill Primary Academy, sponsored by Boudica Schools Trust. We offer a safe, vibrant and happy environment for your children. We understand and appreciate the unique qualities of every child in our care and ensure that we do our very best to meet their individual needs.  

Here, Children Thrive

St. Clements Hill Primary Academy provides a safe, welcoming, inclusive environment where children thrive. We value all members of our school community, aspire to work collaboratively and to achieve to the best of our abilities. Children are happy, focused and successful. Our curriculum inspires pupils to love learning through rich experiences of the wider world.


Our Values

Here, Children Thrive

  T   - we always try our best
  H  - we keep ourselves healthy
  R  - we are resilient
  I   - we are inquisitive
  V  - we feel valued and we value each other
  E  - we enjoy learning together