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Class Organisation

Occasionally year groups are reorganised to form new classes and this is done for a number of reasons.


Firstly, since there are mixed ability classes at school, there is a need for classes to be reviewed linked to children's progress. Also, as a city school, we experience a degree of pupil movement annually and classes need to be reviewed accordingly.


Additionally, we believe that we provide children with the opportunity to develop social skills as they build new friendship circles amongst their classmates. We also recognise that there are times when particular children would benefit from becoming more independent and would flourish in new partnerships or friendship groups. Therefore, the effect of creating new classes has several advantages.


New classes are always created with the input of the children's current class teacher. Class teachers have a great deal of understanding about the academic, social and emotional characteristics of the children they have taught. The teaching staff come together to reorganise children into their new classes. A number of criteria is applied to ensure consistency and balance:

  • each class to be mixed ability and where achievable, have an equal number of boys/girls in each of the classes.

  • where possible, each child is placed with another child from their current class in their new class. Please note, this isn't necessarily their best friend.


We ask that parents support the school in helping your child manage the transition to their new class. The school supports the children by running a series of transition sessions which include both morning and afternoon sessions. These usually take place in the last four weeks of the school academic year.


When new classes are being introduced children are notified about their new class at the first transition session where they will meet their new class teacher and classmates. Most children are very positive about their new classes and are excited about the prospect of the start to the new school year.


Should a child find themselves unhappy for whatever reason, we urge you to remain positive and encouraging. We need our children to become resilient citizens and over time, the concerns they raise will almost certainly improve and/or disappear. Our teachers are incredibly understanding and appreciative of the enormous anxiety that occurs during this time and they will help support you and your child. Changes to the class organisation at this stage does not happen, unless, over the course of the transition period it is clear the situation hasn't improved.

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