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Personal Development Learning

The personal development of our pupils is crucial to our vision and is an integral part of many aspects to school life. Through personal development learning we aim to build independent and resilient learners and to help children deal with real life issues which they face as they grow up and are central to their wellbeing.

Outdoor Education:

Making the most of the outdoor environment is important to us at St. Clements and to our families. Through Outdoor Learning we discover, experiment, learn about and connect to the natural world, engage in adventure activities and outdoor sports.

We are fortunate to be able to visit the nearby Mousehold Heath. We also have a wonderful team of PTA volunteers who are working hard to develop our outdoor space in order to bring further scope to our children’s learning opportunities and experiences


We have trained Thrive® practitioners in school. Thrive® promotes children’s positive mental health by helping adults know how to be and what to do in response to their differing and sometimes distressed behaviour.

60 Experiences:

In consultation with parents, children, staff and the school governance team we have created a list of 60 experiences that we aim for all of our pupils to gain; some of these are designed to promote aspiration, others to offer experiences that otherwise children may not have had, some are just for fun… they are all about building precious memories of having fun whilst learning.

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