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Seesaw Learning Journal

What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a secure online platform to record photos, observations and comments just like Tapestry. However, it also allows direct engagement on the platform for pupils and teachers. Activities can be set and the teacher can leave written or verbal comments for pupils. The platform encourages creativity and feedback that makes pupils excited to learn.

Children begin to use Seesaw in Year 2 as they begin their transition into KS2.

Seesaw for parents/relatives: setting up your account

Once you have granted permission for your child to have a Seesaw account you will be issued with an individual login. Use the ‘Support Learning at Home’ guide for families from Seesaw to help you get started.

Family members will remain connected to their child’s journal year to year. They only need to connect to their child’s journal once to access all of their child’s journals from any classes they are enrolled in for the duration of their time at your school.

How to use Seesaw on your devices

Seesaw works great on any computer or device

For the best experience, bookmark and use on your desktop or laptop computer (including Chromebooks).

Then, if you or your children use mobile devices, download the correct app based on your role and device type, so you can access Seesaw anywhere!

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