Key Stage 1 Curriculum - Years 1 & 2


The progression of skills is of paramount importance to us. Building on key skills taught enables children to develop and extend. The repeating of skills across Key Stage One enables children to reinforce and have multiple opportunities for skills to be embedded in the long term memory.

Chatterboxes continue to be at the heart of our learning across Key Stage 1. We build on the foundations of Personal, Social and Emotional development alongside Speaking and Listening by incorporating Science and foundation subjects as our core focus. An overarching umbrella of the subject will last a few weeks and this will be broken down into steps to covering the content. Wherever possible, English opportunities link to chatterbox themes to allow for deeper coverage of curriculum subjects.

By adapting our fortnightly timetable in Key Stage One, we allow for more opportunities to teach a broad and balanced curriculum whilst enabling children to have extended periods of time to explore independent playful learning opportunities.

Learning Journeys and the use of Tapestry continue into Key Stage One and throughout the school. Children have individual learning squares which highlight both focussed and independent learning opportunities from the children. WOW moments from home show how learning extended outside of the classroom builds on our home - school communication.

The use of rainbow challenges enable children to show how they have embedded key learning and skills taught in the previous week. It helps adults to know which children consolidate their learning and who needs targeted support.

Focus groups are introduced in Year 1 for English and Maths. Our English focus sessions typically link to chatterbox themes, Science or other curriculum subjects. Our Maths focus groups are developed to link to the learning of the previous week. This enables adults to see how mathematical concepts have been embedded into the long term memory. This allows for adults to know which children require targeted support and allow for the adaptation of future planning. We follow White Rose Maths and concrete resources enable our children to explore and understand new concepts taught.

We strongly focus on the development of creative writing opportunities. Our classroom is rich in opportunities to create role play and stories which in turn lead to creative writing though five finger stories. Enabling opportunities for story land encourages children to act out stories to the whole class. Building on key speaking and listening opportunities.

We want to see children modelling and being independent in using concepts introduced. In Year 2, we bring back some features from the Foundation stage, including a water and sand tray. Our skill progression enables the children to accurately measure water and capacity. Building on those key skills of filling and emptying we once saw in the Foundation stage.