Our Mission Statement

Growing people, growing minds

We would like to welcome you to St Clements Hill Primary Academy, sponsored by rightforsuccess Trust. We offer a safe, vibrant and happy environment for your children. We understand and appreciate the unique qualities of every child in our care and ensure that we do our very best to meet their individual needs.  

Everyone at St Clements Hill Primary Academy plays their part in achieving excellence for our children. Teachers, support staff, parents, and community play their part in shaping opportunities and offering guidance, support, and challenge for our children to ensure they achieve excellence.


 We do this through a learning approach of storytelling coupled with independent and collaborative teaching methods that ensure children can learn the key skills of reasoning and enquiry.


'Valued People, Successful School' is at the core of how we work and approach life at St Clements Hill Primary Academy. This is the principle that all in our learning community are to be valued, looked after and supported. For our children, this looks like caring and supportive staff and approaches. For our staff, it means approaches that reduce workload, ensure work-life balance and give them time to do the best for our children. For our community, it is valuing the contribution that they can all make to the progress and outcomes of all associated with our learning community. 


With our sponsor, rightforsuccess trust we ensure that our standards continually improve and that we provide the best services possible for you and your child. We strive to ensure that your child will discover their talents and grow in confidence with a wealth of opportunities available to them.


Children thrive when they are doing exciting things which is why children at St Clements Hill Primary Academy experience a full range of activities that give them a chance to grow, not only academically but also socially, spiritually and physically.


Our Vision

At St. Clements Hill Primary Academy our vision of improving life chances for all pupils is at the heart of our Academy sponsorship. It is the motivation of our Trust and our mission.  It is what drives us to achieve and to succeed.


To achieve our vision it is essential that we continue to develop Rightforsuccess Trust approaches to achievement to teaching and learning, to Academy improvement and to innovative leadership.  In all of these endeavours, the underpinning values are:


  • Children at the heart of everything we do with an explicit understanding that happy children achieve.

  • Community being at the core of our work, everyone plays their part to achieve the best outcomes for all pupils.

  • Collaboration brings us success by enabling teams of teachers and Trust staff to share collective responsibility for leading, coordinating and delivering effective teaching and learning for our Academies.

  • Careers – The most important asset that the trust has is its people.  Any success achieved by the Trust or the Trust Academies comes from the staff.  We therefore believe that championing staff improvement is a key driver for academy improvement.  We also believe that giving staff opportunities to be successful and to enjoy their achievement is an important part of the workplace.


The school will be non-selective serving children from its local community and will hold the highest expectations for every child. Achieving the St. Clements Hill Primary Academy education vision requires that all students be fully competent in English and Mathematics and in all other ways prepared for secondary school by the time they leave primary school.  We will achieve this by:


  • Ensuring the best outcome for all regardless of starting points by having the highest expectations for all the young people in our Academies.


  • Teaching and Learning.  This is and always will be the highest priority for the Academy, ensuring that we aim for and achieve outstanding.  This is best exemplified by the use of the co-operative approach to learning initiative.


  • Our Trust promotes strong Governance, we will monitor performance regularly across a range of areas and to directly intervene where necessary. 


  • Innovative Leadership.  St. Clements Hill Primary Academy will operate in a rapidly changing world.  For us to be successful we have to understand the current policy drivers and future direction in education and business thinking.  We need our leaders to be innovative and to embrace the Enterprising Schools vision and relevant approaches to ensure that we improve the life chances for our pupils.


  • A focus on developing an aspirational culture that will ensure our pupils are given opportunities that broaden their horizons and raise their own expectations of what they can achieve at school and beyond.


  • Creating a nurturing environment with strong social norms, in which staff teach and enforce the required behaviour intensively so that our pupils develop a positive attitude; a positive attitude to each other, to adults and a positive attitude to their own learning reflected in their outstanding behaviour and readiness to learn.


  • Offering all pupils an opportunity to experience a range of music, sporting and artistic activities throughout their primary education so that they enter secondary school knowing where their strengths are in these areas and providing them with a confident platform to work towards achieving levels of excellence.