Key Stage Two

In KS2 we focus on English and Maths in the mornings with discrete lessons for Maths in which the children are placed into ability groups. English is taught through guided reading, whole class English and some discrete Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons. Some children are taught in small groups to who need a particular focus - from those who need learning support through to gifted and talented children.


Creative Curriculum - Whole School Approach


We have adopted a themed approach across the whole school so that all phases share an over-reaching topic title. This provides a unity across the school and facilitates cross phase activities and days. We work on a two-year cycle that includes book weeks, special weeks/days, seasonal festivals, local and national events.


Within this framework, the National Curriculum is delivered in an exciting and purposeful way. A personalised curriculum that is relevant to our school and pupils in Martham is an additional element to our curricular provision. This includes the use of our local environment and community. Our school grounds have been developed to provide a stimulating learning environment.


Cross-curricular links are exploited to make learning interesting and meaningful. The curriculum is enhanced through visits, visitors and special events throughout the year. In some subjects, children are taught by subject specialists - KS2 Music and PE. Three languages are taught - KS1 Spanish, Yr3/4 German and Yr5/6 French.


High standards of teaching and learning are embedded within this framework. Our 'Creative Curriculum' (whilst rich in the Arts) is about encouraging pupils to think creatively and solve problems across all subjects. The teaching of English and Mathematics along with the teaching of thinking skills ensure pupils gain essential skills, understanding and knowledge, which allow them to become independent in their learning. Pupils are encouraged to take an active role in their learning, often setting their own targets and being aware of how to improve. Achievements are celebrated. We are seeking to develop a person who is keen to learn throughout their lives.


We lay particular emphasis on teaching a wide range of skills to prepare children for each transitional phase, including secondary education and their future role in society. We aim to develop our pupils' spiritual, moral, cultural and social development. Pupils are encouraged to develop respect and responsibility within a well-ordered environment, where all staff have high expectations of appropriate behaviour. We encourage pupils to acknowledge the effects of their behaviour on others. Generally, our pupils meet these expectations and good behaviour is promoted and acknowledged through our positive house point system. Assemblies allow opportunities for daily reflection about attitudes, choices, emotions and feelings.


We offer a large selection of extra-curricular activities. These activities are important to the culture and ethos of the school, as they provide opportunities for all ages to experience and enjoy a wide range of pursuits. These activities include; Art, Bikeability, Gardening, Sports, Dance and Music-Choirs, Instrumental and Orchestra. In a wide variety of sports and also music, out school is involved in a programme of festivals and competitions. Fixtures are arranged on a regular basis and these provide opportunities for our children to meet and compete against children from other schools.